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Your audiences are out there. I can help you reach them.

My name is Tony Lux. For more than ten years I've helped universities, non-profits, companies and groundbreaking programs connect with their audiences more effectively, more passionately, and with heart.

I bring a digital-first orientation to an empathy-based problem solving approach. I've launched national brand campaigns, driven incredible attendance results and helped to set new fundraising records for the causes that matter. My job is to help you tell the stories that others will want to tell.

This is lux ops.

There is no "i" in "team." But sometimes, you are the team.
Anthony Lux
Anthony Lux

engagement marketing and communications consultant

Experience working in-house and outside universities, non-profits, companies and various other operations of varying infamy.

    selected experiences

    Harvard Law School
    Northeastern University
    University of Denver
    Civitas, Inc.
    CSS Boston
    NSF-funded programming
    91.5 FM KUSC Los Angeles

      areas of my expertise

      user experience development
      audience segmentation + testing
      team leadership + project
      research + analysis
      writing + editing
      web design + development
      content management
      data measurement + analytics
      social + paid media engagement

        services rendered

        I can work alongside your in-house team or as a stand-alone engagement producer. I charge by the hour, by the project, or on retainer. Let me help you build your constituent experience through the following:
        concept development
        Find the precise intersection between your organization's goals and your audience's needs. Discover new supporters or steward those already in your community—I'll help you build a plan for action and maximize your results.
        digital marketing
        Turn your social presence into a driver of action, your website into a destination, or your in-person engagement into opportunities for sharing and advocacy. Engagement starts and ends in the digital. Make sure your efforts deliver.
        The foundation of fundraising is storytelling. Through powerful narrative development and seamless user experience, reach your audiences where they are and empower them to take the next steps in supporting your cause.
        market research
        How well do you know your audience? Discover more about the people both within your community and outside. Through design-thinking exercises, audience research and real-world testing, I can help you sharpen your efforts to deliver more effective, more efficient and more meaningful outreach.

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        home base
        Englewood, CO USA, Earth
        contact me
        E-mail: anthony@lux.cx Phone: +1 (720) 360-1079